Let's start this off easy with a little background dirt.
Me: I'm 28, married for the 3rd time, working full time in an office gig, and a college sophomore.
My household: Just me, my husband, and our dog.
My family: My dad, sister and her son and boyfriend. They all live in a house together and it's a lot of drama and fortunately 7 hours away.
The In-laws: My mother-in-law is only an hour and a half away but that's plenty, she's nice but gossipy and always working. My father-in-law and his wife are in the same town as the MIL and I can't really stand them but they're preparing to move 13 hours away so it's all good. My sister-in-law seems pretty cool, is engaged, and 9 hours away so I barely know her.
Work: Is stressful. I like what I do most of the time but my boss makes me crazy. This is definitely not where I want to be long-term.
School: Really? I'm a 28 year old sophomore and that sucks. I'm working on a basic AA right now, then transferring to the university to finish a bachelor's degree. In what? Uh, well, let's say I've narrowed it down to a handful of related majors. I'm thinking I want to go to grad school as well, to what level is unknown. We'll see how fast it wears me out and what jobs I come across in the meantime.
Social: I have very few close friends, even fewer that I see regularly. I don't get out enough.
Marriage: Long story.... anyway he works different hours and I only really spend time with him on the weekends because of it. It's tough. It sucks. It messes with my weekend social life. But he's a rock that I cling to for dear life most days.
Mental health: I've been through a lot and have been fighting this since 2005. I'm currently on 2 meds and attend weekly therapy sessions. It keeps it somewhat under control?